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All of our plastic thalis are made with FOOD GRADE plastic as per USA FDA standards. You do not know what you are getting when you buy else where. So buy from, the trusted source of plastic thalis since 2005.

Your search for multi Compartment plastic plates with six, seven, nine and ten compartments has ended here......... We deliver at you door-step these nice disposable PlasticThali™ also called plastic compartment plates. brings to you direct 6 compartment plastic plate, 7 compartment plastic plate, 9 compartment plastic plate and 10 compartment plastic plate. You can enjoy Indian or middle eastern food in these plates the way it should enjoyed traditionally.

We want people to enjoy Indian, Asian or Middle eastern food the way it tastes best. You see when you have delicious dishes of Indian food with lots of flavors and variety, by mixing them all in one round plates makes it a gumbo that spoils all the classic flavors and taste of food. What ends up just some mumbled jumbled food that has no charm. Indian food is best enjoyed in separate sections, so that enjoy the taste and flavor of each dish separately just like it's done in traditional Thaalis. These plates are also called six section plastic plate or six compartment plates, nine section plastic plate also called disposable plastic thali or 9 compartment plates and ten section plastic plates or 10 compartment plates. These plates are custom designed for Indian food, Gujarati food, Pakistani food and any kind of asian or non-asian food that has lot of curries and dishes in one meal. People enjoy food in better plates.
People enjoy food in better plates. Look at the deep compartments that will hold enough food. You will never spill food. One serving might be more than enough for you. And above all do not compromise by eating in foam plates. Now at very reasonable price delivered at your door-step.

Royal Collection of Silver 9 Compartment heavy duty PlasticThali™.
Silver 9 Compartment Plates> Silver 9 Compartment Plate

Royal Collection of Silver 9 Compartment heavy duty PlasticThali™.
Silver 9 Compartment Plates> Silver 9 Compartment Plate

7 Compartment PlasticThali™ with lid.

9 Compartment heavy duty PlasticThali™.
9 Compartment Plate

11 Compartment heavy duty PlasticThali™.

11 Compartment Plastic PlasticThali™

7 Compartment plates. Plastic PlasticThali™.
7 Compartment Plate
Call us at 563-284-2254 or email us at with contact details or buy online and we will deliver all your disposable needs right at your door step within 7 to 10 business days in contiguous 48 US states. Very low shipping charges.

FREE SHIPPING IF THE SHIPPING ADDRESS IS WITHIN 20 miles of Store that sells these plasticthalis. To get free shipping place the order online and send us email to with name and address of the store and prices of the plates at the store. We will verify and refund shipping back to your credit card and also send your confirmation email. Please note that we will not match prices as our plates are heavy duty and made with FOOD GRADE PLASTIC AS PER USA FDA STANDARDS. But we will offer free shipping to encourage you to buy better quality product from us.

Call 563-284-2254 for quote if ordering above 2000 plates